How to save on flea, tick and heart worm preventative with Jefferson Veterinary Hospital


It's that time of year when our veterinarians see a lot of flea activity in Frederick county MD.  Many of our clients are discovering that they have new residents on their pets, and want to evict them quickly.  Ticks are also active, our veterinarians and veterinary technicians are seeing more and more deer ticks on our pets at home, they are very difficult to locate once they are attached due to their small size, but can be spotted crawling in fur on their way to attaching.  Jefferson Veterinary Hospital is offering a special on flea and tick AND heart worm preventative this month.  

If you buy 2 boxes of Sentinel (6 doses/box) you receive a 10% discount. If you purchase 2 boxes (3 doses/box) of Nexgard you get one additional dose per box free (8 month supply) as well as a 10% discount on the purchase. 

This is a great offer, but for all you savvy couponing people out there, the savings offered by your veterinary hospital may be also be stacked with manufacturer coupons to help you score an even better deal!  Stop by Jefferson Veterinary Hospital today to get your supply!  

Please note:  dogs need to be current on their heartworm medications in order to be able to receive new doses.  If your dog has gotten behind, we understand, it happens to us too, we will need to do a quick and easy blood test to make sure your dog will be ok to restart the medication again.



Veterinarian Gives Back to Community Through Low Cost Rabies Clinic { Veterinarian Frederick MD }

Veterinarian and owner of Jefferson Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Ahalt, gave back to the Frederick MD community.  He recently participated in a low cost rabies clinic, located at Farm & Home Services off Souder Road in Brunswick MD.  These clinics are hosted by Frederick County Health Department and are open to cats, dogs and ferrets age 3 months and older.  Veterinarian Dr. Ahalt even saw a goat in line one year.  The rabies clinics enable pet owners to receive a low cost rabies vaccines without a veterinary exam.  In two hours, Dr. Ahalt vaccinated well over 200 animals.  These vaccinations ensures that  owners comply with the laws of the state of Maryland, which requires all pets in the state be vaccinated against rabies.  Dr. Ahalt was interviewed on Channel 4 during the clinic, and you can read and see the interview here.  

There continue to be reported incidences of rabies across Frederick County, MD and Jefferson Veterinary Hospital veterinarian, Dr. Ahalt, stresses the importance of keeping your pets up to date with their rabies vaccines to protect not just them, but your family members and the local community.  If you missed this clinic, one of our veterinarians can help you - just call the animal hospital at 301-473-4111 to make a well pet appointment and we can make sure your cat or dog is up to date on his or her vaccinations.  

Flea and Tick Preventative Special! { Veterinarian Frederick MD }

This beautiful spring weather with baby chicks and warm evenings can only mean one thing!  Fleas and ticks!  There are reports that the mild winter and warmer weather in the summer means the tick population will be at a high this season.  Please remember to treat your pets to help keep ticks off them!  To help, we are offering 10% off your purchase of two (2)   six (6) packs of Sentinel Spectrum OR two (2) three  (3) packs of Nexgard.  This is in addition to manufacturer’s rebate for Sentinel and Nexgard.  The manufacturer's rebate for Sentinel is $50 on twelve (12) doses.  The manufacturer's rebate for Nexgard is one (1) single dose free for each three (3) pack purchased.  Please call us at 301-473-4111 to find out how to claim this offer, or ask one of our tech's and Dr's during your next appointment!

portrait of a little girl with a chick from a frederick md veterinarian in lovettsville va

Complimentary Bereavement Support Group for Pet Owners

If you haven't already heard veterinarian, Dr. Ahalt, has recently introduced complimentary bereavement counseling for clients of Jefferson Veterinary Hospital and the local Frederick MD community.   The loss of a pet is always difficult, and we hope that by extending our services in this way Jefferson Veterinary Hospital will help to support clients during this challenging time.  You can learn about the specifics and how to register through our veterinary website here.

Veterinary technician supports dog in frederick md

Clients of Jefferson Veterinary Hospital will receive first priority to this group in instances when it fills.  The Frederick News Post recently ran a nice article on the new service that we are providing - you can check it out here!    

Veterinarian Dr. Ahalt shows his support for cancer

Cancer is an ugly disease.  It has affected our beloved receptionist, Barb, and our wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Kalf.  Both have bravely fought this disease, and for Dr. Kalf cancer recently reared its head again.   She has been undergoing chemotherapy and, one side effect is hair loss.  Veterinarian Dr. Ahalt wanted to show support for Dr. Kalf and agreed to shave his head in solidarity.  Check out his reaction as the clippers get close to his head of thick curly hair! 

veterinarian in frederick md supporting colleague with cancer
veterinarian in frederick md supporting colleague in cancer



New Pet Portraiture Installed in Jefferson Veterinary Hospital! | Veterinarian Frederick MD

Clare Ahalt Photography provided Jefferson Veterinary Hospital with some beautiful pet portraits for the new animal hospital!  Our veterinarian, Dr. Ahalt, and a few friends helped to install them over this weekend!  We hope that you enjoy these portraits as much as we do - we think that it makes the veterinary hospital look a little less clinical and more warm and welcoming for our clients and patients!  

installation of Pet portrait by Clare Ahalt Photography, a fine art portrait photographer located in Maryland, installed in Jefferson Veterinary Hospital
installation of Pet portrait by Clare Ahalt Photography, a fine art portrait photographer located in Maryland, installed in Jefferson Veterinary Hospital
Pet portrait by Clare Ahalt Photography, a fine art portrait photographer located in Maryland, installed in Jefferson Veterinary Hospital

Services for the Local Community | Veterinarian Jefferson MD

We are delighted to be in the new Jefferson Veterinary Hospital and are still overwhelmed at the support of the local community.  We are looking for an opportunity to give back and provide some complimentary services, not just for our clients, but for everyone in the community.  We are considering some ideas, such as a bereavement group, a kids pet vet educational group and a program for girl and boy scouts, and have put together a poll.  If you have a moment and wouldn't mind taking less than a minute to let us know you thoughts as to our ideas, as well as provide your own, we would love to hear from you.  

Ribbon Cutting and Open House at Frederick County MD's newest Veterinary Hospital!

We had the ribbon cutting and open house at Frederick County Md's newest veterinary hospital and were overwhelmed by the attendance and support from the local community!  We look forward to practicing many years of veterinary medicine at your newest, state of the art animal hospital and cannot wait to continue to give back to the local Frederick County MD community! 

Veterinarian opens Frederick County MD newest animal Hospital
Veterinarian opens Frederick County MD newest animal Hospital
Veterinarian opens Frederick County MD newest animal Hospital
Veterinarian opens Frederick County MD newest animal Hospital
Veterinarian opens Frederick County MD newest animal Hospital
Veterinarian opens Frederick County MD newest animal Hospital
Veterinarian opens Frederick County MD newest animal Hospital
Veterinarian opens Frederick County MD newest animal Hospital

Frederick County MD's Newest Veterinary Hospital Now Open!

We did it!  We moved in and have opened Frederick County's newest veterinary hospital!  Veterinarians Dr. Ahalt and Dr. Kalf started seeing clients at 3850 Roundtree Road, Jefferson MD 21755 from Monday December 12, 2016.  So far, everyone likes the space and amenities provided by the new animal hospital and we have received good feedback, which makes us very happy!    We are having an open house on January 7, 2017 between 1-4pm and we would love to see you there to show you around!  

Frederick County MD's Newest Veterinary Hospital Opening Soon! { Veterinarian Frederick MD }

Hear it here first!  Frederick County's newest animal hospital will soon be opening!  Owner and Veterinarian, Dr. Ahalt, is watching the finishing touches be made to his veterinary hospital and starting to work on the logistics of moving from the current building to the new location.  Thankfully, it's not a far move, less than 1/2 a mile from door to door.   You can see the progress of the construction of the new veterinary hospital here and an exterior of the newest veterinary hospital is pictured below! 

veterinary hospital frederick MD veterinary hospital middletown md

Veterinarian Dr. Ahalt sees first patient at Frederick County MD's Newest Veterinary Hospital

Veterinarian, Dr. Ahalt, saw his first patient at the new veterinary hospital the other day.  It was a Chihuahua called fluffy.  Pet Vet Dr. Ahalt consulted with his veterinary textbook, which Doc. McStuffins so kindly leant to him, and diagnosed fluffy with a case of the stuffies.  She just  needed a little refill.  The case got put down in the big book of boo boos and fluffy is feeling better now!  

veterinarian sees patient in frederick county md's newest veterinary hospital

Jefferson Veterinary Hospital's Youngest Clients, YBR Farm Labs, Star in Photography Workshop with Internationally Renowned Child Portrait Photographer Elena Shumilova { Veterinarian Frederick MD }

Jefferson Veterinary Hospital young patients, labrador puppies from YBR Farm,  were the star models at a photography workshop held by internationally acclaimed photographer Elena Shumilova in Northern Virginia.  Dr. Ahalt's wife, Clare, is a professional photographer (you can see her portfolio here and her work from the weekend here), and is always keen on furthering her education.  She participated in the workshop and YBR farms kindly loaned their chocolate lab and yellow lab puppies to her for a couple of days over the Labor day weekend.   The puppies were incredible and responded so well to the child models (Dr. Ahalt's daughter also modeled for the workshop).  A selection of the images from some amazing photographers are below.    

veterinarian frederick md veterinary hospital lovettsville va veterinarian middletown md veterinary hospital boonsboro md veterinarian

Why it's important to continue to provide flea and tick treatment to your pets during the fall { veterinarian frederick md }

Read why it's important to continue your pets flea and tick treatment through the fall and winter months! 

Fall has arrived and as the leaves change and temperatures drop pet owners may fall in a false thinking that their pets no longer need flea and tick prevention until next summer.  Wrong!  In fact, fall is one of the most prime times of the year to contract Lyme and other tick and flea borne diseases. “Urban wildlife, particularly the booming whitetail deer population, warming climates and ticks’ natural resilience means the threat of ticks, and the diseases they carry is on the rise in almost every part of the country.” (Source Frontline and Merial)  Adult ticks generally become inactive at temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  Until those type of temperatures arrive and remain in place for a period of time, adult ticks will continue to actively seek out new hosts and meals in order to complete their life cycle.

 Don't let your pet become a host to fleas and ticks!  

Don't let your pet become a host to fleas and ticks!  

As for fleas, “the life cycle can lay more than 40 eggs per day during peak production.  These eggs can hatch in 1-10 days, but pre-emerged fleas can survive in cocoons for weeks or months waiting on a suitable host.” (Source Frontline and Merial)  Optimal conditions for fleas are between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% humidity.  So with the cooler temperatures of fall why should you worry about fleas?  Well here’s why…  During the summer your home air conditioning removes humidity from the air, lowering levels to less than optimal conditions for flea development.  However, flea cocoons can remain dormant and hidden during this time. Then the temperatures begin to drop so you turn off your AC and let that nice fresh air inside.  This increase in humidity and warmer temperatures during the afternoons can be enough to trigger the pupal stages into waking up and hatching into adult fleas.

Most people keep their houses between 68-72 degrees year round it would will allow fleas a prime place to flourish should a population become established inside your home.  So as you enjoy the beauty of the fall season make sure you continue to treat your pets against fleas and ticks.  Here at Jefferson Veterinary Hospital we offer Nexgard & Frontline products to keep your furry friends happy and healthy.  Stop by or call today for prices and to schedule an appointment.

Receive September Savings on Dental Care for your Pets!

Don't Let your pet become known as halitosis hal at one of Frederick's dog parks and be left puzzled why no one wants to play with him!

Receive Savings on your Pet's Dental Care at Jefferson Veterinary Hospital!

Bring him to Jefferson Veterinary Hospital and Receive a 15% Savings on your Pet's Dental Care During the Month of September!


Is your pet's breath no longer sweet smelling? Would you like your pet to have bright clean teeth and fresher breath so you can snuggle them closer and not be embarrassed to have guests close to their doggy breath during the upcoming holidays?   Bring your dog to Jefferson Veterinary Hospital this September and have him open wide to receive a 15% savings on all dental treatments! 


Why Veterinary Dental Care is Important

Bad breath isn't just unpleasant, it can signal dental disease, which can affect your pets overall health and well being.  

 Your pet will leave Jefferson with a smile he or she can be proud of! 

Your pet will leave Jefferson with a smile he or she can be proud of! 

Plaque is full of bacteria which can enter into the bloodstream and damage parts of the body, such as heart valves and kidneys. Gingivitis can promote loss of gum tissue, can ultimately result in teeth loss. Up to 80% of pets have periodontal disease by age 3.  Regular brushing can help keep plaque down, but once a pet has plaque on their teeth, it needs professional veterinary care to scale it off.  If you have a puppy or kitten, or a pet that has recently had their teeth cleaned,  regular brushing, such as 4 times a week, or even everyday like you and I, can help keep their teeth sparkly clean and give them a smile they can be proud of!

Due to the overwhelming demand in February for our dental month appointments, which sell out each year, we have extended it to include the month of September so our clients can have their pets teeth clean and sparkly in time for the holiday season! Receive a 15% savings on all dental appointments during the month of September. Call 301-473-4111 to schedule your appointment today and give your pet the gift of clean teeth and breath!

 He will want to show off his smile! 

He will want to show off his smile! 

 He will no longer be embarrassed to play with his friends! 

He will no longer be embarrassed to play with his friends!