Brunswick Grooming Spa

Brunswick Grooming Spa offers full service pet grooming.   From a quick nail trim to a full spa experience of bath, brush, cut and blow dry, Brunswick Grooming Spa covers it all to keep your pet looking and smelling great.  Our groomer will work closely with you to achieve the look that you want and to make sure your pet's needs are met during their time at Brunswick Grooming Spa.  Our services include: 

Full groom

Our full groom varies according the breed of your pet.  It covers:

  • A bath, where our groomer will select the best specialty shampoo for your pets coat or skin type.  Dry skin? We can help with that.  Long fur?  We have a detangling conditioner that can help keep long fur looking its best for longer.  
  • Your pet will receive a pedicure where, depending upon your preference, their nails will be either trimmed or filed with a nail grinder. 
  • Your cats or dogs ears will be cleaned, and plucked if appropriate,
  • Anal glands will be expressed. 
  • Your pet have their coat blow dried by hand, which helps to remove more excess fur than the use of a simply cage dryer alone. 
  • Your pet will then get time to relax under a non-heated cage dryer while they wait to be thoroughly brushed to remove shedding fur and any mats.*  
  • Depending upon your pets breed or your request, they will then be clipped or shaved and scissored. 
  • Upon request, your pet will be spritzed with cologne to help keep them smelling spiffy.

Bath and brush

A bath and brush is a more basic service than our full groom, but just because all services are not included does not mean that it is not thorough.  The bath and brush starts with a bath with shampoo that is tailored to the needs of your pet.  After the bath, your pet will have their nails trimmed and ears cleans.  They will then have their fur blow dried by hand, which helps to remove excess fur.  Once dry, your pet will then receive a thorough brush, which helps again to remove excess fur and reduce shedding.*  Upon request, your pet will be spritzed with cologne to help keep them smelling spiffy.   

Nail Grinding

Nail grinding helps to get your pets nails shorter than a nail clip alone can achieve and rounds the nails so they are not as sharp after clipping.  We have found that for pets who do not like having their nails trimmed often are not as scared of having their nails filed with a nail grinder.

Nail clip

Keep your pets nails short to prevent injuring to their paw or damage to your furniture and hardwood flooring with our nail clip.  We accept walk-ins for nail clips.

Tooth Brushing

Help prevent dental disease and bad breath by keeping your pet's teeth sparkling clean.  The groomers at Brunswick Grooming Spa will use a pet specific enzymatic toothbrush and toothpaste to carefully clean and remove plaque to keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy and looking good. 

Cat Grooming

We also provide grooming for your feline friend - cats are welcome.  We offer brushing, clipping and bathing grooming services for your cat.  

* Heavily matted dogs may incur additional charges and our groomer will discuss this with you prior to the groom.