Prescription Refills at Jefferson Veterinary Hospital

Jefferson Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer a time saving and convenient way to refill your prescriptions without having to call the veterinary hospital! Simply fill out the form below at any time and your veterinarian will review your refill request and either approve it, or contact you for more information.

Please allow us 24 hours, excluding weekends, to process your request. If you are out of medication, or have any questions about your prescription, please call the hospital at 301-473-4111.

Please note: if we have not seen your pet within the last 12 months, or this is a medication that your pet has not been previously prescribed, we will be unable to refill or prescribe the medication without first seeing your pet for an exam. Please schedule an appointment by calling us at 301-473-4111, or you can also schedule online by clicking here.

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