Laser Therapy

We are proud to offer laser therapy at Jefferson Veterinary Hospital.  Laser therapy involves specific wavelengths of light; red and near infrared; to create therapeutic effects that include increased healing time, pain reduction and increased circulation/decreased swelling.

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Laser therapy’s unique effectiveness is based on its ability to trigger photochemical (a chemical reaction to light) and photobiolgical (the reaction of the cells to light) responses in the cells and tissues.  Laser therapy energizes cell function, stimulates blood and lymphatic microcirculation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to injured tissue. This also increases the drainage of cellular wastes and toxins from the body.   All this translates to faster healing for damaged and inflamed cells with laser therapy.  Even if the cell has undergone degenerative changes, laser therapy can help it to  recharge itself with energy and begin to heal.

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What is involved in Laser Therapy for pets?

Treatments include three to five minutes of laser exposure per site. Anesthesia is not needed as your pet will find the gentle warmth of the laser soothing. After about five minutes of treatment the body begins to release endorphins, a chemical in the body that creates a feeling of contentment and happiness, which allows your cat or dog to relax and also reduces pain.

A wide variety of conditions and health challenges can benefit from laser therapy.  Soft tissue injuries including: tendonitis/otis, sprains, strains, back and neck pain, soft tissue knee conditions, muscle spasms, dermalogical skin conditions, and shoulder pain.  Laser therapy can also benefit neurologic (spinal and nervous system) injury and pain, degenerative conditions such as osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as post-operatively for cats and dogs after almost all surgeries.

While we cannot cure chronic conditions such as arthritis in dogs or cats, a series of six laser treatments over a three week period can give relief for between four to twelve weeks. A single booster treatment when needed can give another four to twelve weeks of pain relief.

There are no known side effects with proper usage of laser therapy.

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