Not always a needle in a haystack | Frederick MD Veterinarian


This cat was brought to Jefferson Veterinary Hospital after not eating for 3 days.  As part of the routine examination, veterinarian Dr. Ahalt checked the mouth for a foreign body and discovered quite a large one in the form of a needle that was lodged towards the back of the cats mouth.  We can say that this was a first for the veterinarians and veterinary technicians, who have seen ingested needles before, but never one lodged in the mouth of a pet.  


Dr. Ahalt (who as you can hear in the video is a little camera shy) sedated the cat and carefully extracted the needle, which he discovered had some thread attached to it.  Fortunately, as the needle was not ingested, and as the thread was thankfully not tangled in the abdomen, this foreign body case was fairly straight forward and the kitty got to go home and is having a fast recovery from their adventures.      

needle removed from a cat as a foreign body without surgery by Frederick County MD Veterinarian Dr. Brooks Ahalt