Caption This! | Frederick MD Veterinarians

The veterinary technicians and receptionists at Jefferson Veterinary Hospital have some great helpers.   We have been having fun with this image of Malinda and her dog over on the Veterinary Hospital's Facebook page.  

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Here are a few of our favorite captions: 

Renee: I'll keep an eye out for the go ahead and change that word "neuter" to "cuddles & treats!"

Martha: No, no, not the kibble! Order the Beggin' Strips! I'd do it myself but I don't have thumbs!

Christa: If you could get those TPS reports to me that would be just great.

Donna: No no no, you add 6 and carry the 1.

Dana: "Your total today comes to six dog treats. No, don't give them to Malinda, I'll take them."

Robert: "What time is Susie's appointment? I don't want to miss her this time like I did the last!"