Golden Doodle Puppy First Veterinary Visit!

Goldendoodle visiting Jefferson Veterinary Hospital, located in Frederick County MD, for her first well pet puppy visit!

(Almost!) Everyone loves a golden doodle!  Miss Emma, an 11 week golden doodle, came in for her first visit. Everyone just loved her collar with her pink bow. 🐶 We have seen a lot of golden doodle puppies this year, and all the puppies are making this nice spring day even better at Jefferson Veterinary Hospital, we love seeing your new family additions!  We are seeing a large number of doodle dog crosses!  Two of the pictures are Emma, the golden doodle, two below that are Truman, a sweet and snuggly 9 week old puppy Labra doodle, and below her are a picture of Bandit, an 18 week old cocker poo! 

Goldendoodle puppy visiting a veterinarian in Frederick md
labra doodle puppy snuggles at Jefferson Veterinary Hospital!
Labra doodle 9 week old puppy at jefferson veterinary hospital frederick md
veterinarian visit of 18 week old cocker poo at Jefferson veterinary hospital