Where is Barb?

For the last few months we’ve had a friendly smile missing from our front desk as Jefferson Veterinary Hospital and this has been noticed by clients and been sorely missed by our veterinarians, veterinary technicians, assistants and receptionists alike.  

We have been slow to notify people of the reason and for that we are sorry.  Our receptionist Barb was diagnosed with a form of breast cancer late last fall. Shortly after, her treatment plan when into action and unfortunately it has taken a toll on her ability to work. 

She is currently entering the middle stages of her treatment and we are all hoping that, by year’s end, she will be recovering and looking to return to her former antics for our clients and staff. 

In support of Barb, our veterinarian Dr. Kalf, and other fighters in the struggle against breast cancer, the staff of Jefferson Veterinary Hospital will be participating in the Bros and Bras 5k run/walk on Saturday, April 23 in beautiful Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.   Both Brunswick Grooming Spa and Jefferson Veterinary Hospital will be closed while all of our veterinarians, techs, assistants and receptionists show their support for breast cancer research.

Please join us in wish Barb good luck in the next stage of her treatment.  We miss her very much and cannot wait for her laugh to ring through our office once more.

For more information about donating or if you are also interested in joining the Bros and Bras 5k check out their website here.

We know that Barb sometimes checks Jefferson Veterinary Hospital's website and would love to hear any words of support from you either below or on the veterinary Facebook page,! 

Cancer Frederick MD Veterinarian
Cancer Frederick MD Veterinarian