New Puppy Check up

This beautiful Australian Shepherd came to see our veterinarians today in Jefferson, MD for a puppy well check.  These checks form an important part of your new best friends health care and allows us to get to know each other!  Our veterinarians review our recommended vaccination schedule, discuss training recommendations and, most importantly, listen to any concerns and answer any questions that you, our client, may have.     

Veterinarian Frederick MD
Frederick MD Veterinarian

April Roundup: Pet Friendly Places to go in Frederick County, MD.

Pet friendly places to go in Frederick MD, covers Frederick County, MD and further afield.  Compiled by the staff and veterinarians at Jefferson Veterinary Hospital and Brunswick Animal Clinic

National Puppy Day! | Frederick County Maryland Veterinarian

Frederick Maryland Veterinarian

It's National Puppy Day!!!!  We would love to see pictures of your dogs over on our Facebook page when they were puppies, when butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, before they chewed the leg on the dining room table chair or ate the couch, or, well ... did a whole number of destructive things that puppies can sometimes do!  Extra brownie points if you include details and/or a picture of the worst thing your dog did as a puppy!!! We will go first with Chug - he's been a wonderful puppy and avoided most of the typical things puppies do, but recently he's started stealing shoes (nothing like only being able to find one shoe) and decided that our garden needs a little work and has begun excavating. 

Part of national puppy day is encouraging pet adoption - if you are looking to add a new furry family member, consider checking out the local animal shelters and rescues!  You could save a life and find a wonderful companion!