Dog Fighting Awareness Day

Today, April 8th is Dog Fighting Awareness Day. Dog fighting is one of the most horrific forms of animal cruelty.  Although it is illegal in all 50 states it is still occuring in a variety of places. It can occur anywhere, in any kind of community, and in any location in the country.  Dogs used in fights are kept in isolated areas, keeping them hidden from the public eye.  The use of drugs, steroids, encouraged aggressiveness, and manipulating body parts such as cropping ears or docking tails is used to create “the ideal fighter”.  Fights take place in a pit used to contain all animals used. The fights can last a few minutes or a few hours.  Any animal involved can endure life threatening wounds.  Fighters hold these fights to bet on a dog fighting and make money off of the winner. There are even contests to have “the biggest dog”, many female dogs are also bred to be used in dogfighting as bait.  There are about tens of thousands of dog fighters estimated in the US, causing many dogs to suffer every year.  If you notice any suspicion of dog fighting call the authorities closest to you, and keep a detailed report of all suspicions.  Do not personally get involved. If you have any questions or concerns please give our office a call at 301-473-4111 or send us an email at