Breed Spotlight - Siberian Forest Cat

We love seeing all breeds of cats and dogs at Jefferson Veterinary Hospital!  We have quite a few rarer breeds that walk in our doors, and we love to see them too!  Siberian Forest Cats originated in Siberia around 1,000 Year’s ago. They were known in the past for hunting skills, specifically hunting rodents to prevent them for coming indoors. They are similar to Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats. They are very energetic, intelligent, athletic, and adventurous. They don’t mind noises or strangers like most cats do when strange sounds are introduced to them. They are hypoallergenic because they produce less Fel d1 which is the protein found on skin and saliva that cause allergic reactions to those that are allergic to felines.

Siberian Forest kitten at Jefferson Veterinary Hospital In Frederick MD