Veterinarian House Calls

To help our patients and clients, the veterinarians at Jefferson Veterinary Hospital make house calls in certain circumstances.  These include:

in home euthanasia

An in home euthanasia  enables your pet and your family to be comfortable at home during this difficult time, and can help lessen the stress  on both you and your pet.   One of our veterinarians and a veterinary technician or veterinary assistant will visit you at your home to perform this procedure.

Elderly / Housebound Clients

We understand that pets are a valued part of many of our elderly and housebound clients' lives.  In order to ensure that they receive the best quality veterinary care, we provide house calls to these clients.

Immobile Sick Pets

There may be certain circumstances in which our clients have an elderly or sick dog who cannot walk or easily be transported to the hospital.  Due to the majority of our equipment that we use for very sick pets being located in the hospital, we recommend that most very sick pets are brought into the hospital to enable the use of our diagnostic equipment; however, a home visit may be appropriate in certain circumstances, such as continued in home hospice care.   

If you need one of our veterinarians to make a house call, please call 301-473-4111 and speak to one of our helpful receptionists